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Flotes Documentation


Picture of me

Hello, my name is Erik. I am the developer of Flotes! Feel free to reach out to me with any comments, questions, or concerns. I currently work full-time as a software engineer at Cisco Systems. All of my work at Cisco Systems is unrelated and does not intersect with my independent work on Flotes.


Send me an email - I’ll try to respond within a few days.


Send me a direct message on LinkedIn


Ask a question or send me a message on our Discord


Manual Data Handling

We use only the necessary personal information to facilitate secure social media login (via Google, Discord and Github). If you’d like to recieve this data or have your account explitly removed please reach out to the email above.

Subscription Refunds

If you have any issues or disatisfaction with our Stripe subscription service. Please reach out to the email above.