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Flotes Documentation




  • Click to select
  • Backspace to delete
  • Double Click to edit (Note & Embed Nodes)
  • Shift Click Drag to group select
  • Mouse Wheel Down to pan without accidentally selecting


  • Lock Button: Using the lock button when navigating your canvas may significantly improve your experience
    • Pan over embeds / iframes and note nodes
    • Pan without accidentally moving a node
  • Note Nodes
    • Automatically resize to fit their content and cannot be resized
  • Embed nodes
    • Embed nodes show their edit mode until the URL is populated.
    • Can be resized. They have a transparent border indicated by their handles.
    • To edit an embed note, double click within it’s transparent border, but not directly on the embed.
      • Moving an embed works the same way, except click & hold, then drag.
      • Embeds being interactive makes them tricky to handle click events
  • Group nodes
    • Can be resized.
    • A group node is always on bottom (unless selected). If you add a group node and can’t see it, it may be behind another node.
  • Connections
    • To add labels to a connection (edge). Click the connection, revealing a label input in the middle.
  • Work in progress: Canvas is a feature I’m looking to invest heavily in and make many improvements. If you have any feedback for how we can make it better let us know on the discord!


Embed notes are way to integrate other applications into your canvas. A few notes:

  • Not all embeds work the same. Some are interactive, some are static.
  • Sometimes you can directly link a url to webpage. Sometimes you need a specific link.
  • Flotes only requires the src url of the embed. If a website provides an entire iframe html tag, you only need the url.



Right click any video, click “Copy embed code”. This will copy an entire iframe into your clipboard. You only need the url:



Right click a playlist, click share, click embed playlist, click the “show code” checkbox. Copy the url:



This one is tricky

  • Only works for public boards
  • Copy the url of the board, and add .html to the end


Straight-foward and interactive. Copy the URL to any page you like within todoist.


Google Calendar

Click the gear icon, click settings, click a calendar under “Settings for my calendars”, scroll down to (or click) “Integrate calendar”, copy the “Public URL to this calendar”


Two way Integration